Bitcoin Wallets:

Anonymous-Ads - Ad network that accepts and pays users in bitcoins. They use CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads. This is an excellent way to make income if you own your website.

Adview Pro - a Global ad network (CPC & CPM), profitable for advertisers and publishers. Over 90 payment methods from the entire world. Paypal, Bitcoin and many more.

Golden Cows - a game that allows you to earn easy money! Invest Bitcoins to buy cows , they'll produce milk, Milk accumulates in the warehouse. You can sell the milk for Gold, the Gold can be withdraw to bitcoin address or you can buy more cows with your gold and earn more and more. Have fun and earn Bitcoins.

Satoshi Travian - is a Bitcoin browser game featuring an engaging ancient world with hundreds of other real players. Play Travian and earn bitcoins. - With you can win lots of prizes instantly for almost free just with your ability and luck. It only takes 1 minute to sign up and we'll give you 1 credit so you can start playing immediately.

SCRYPT Cloud Mining - Scrypt.CC was created to make mining scrypt based coins accessible to everyone without huge upfront costs, no huge electricity bill at the end of the month, no worries with hardware failure, no babysitting the machines 24/7. We take care of all of that for you!

BTCfreegame - Earn Bitcoins playing a simple game. You can win from 0.1 µBTC up to 1000 µBTC

VisitBit - Earn Bitcoins visiting websites. Get paid instantly and automatically, straight into your MicroWallet account. Just enter your bitcoin address or microwallet username and get started!

CoinAd - A quality bitcoin PTC site, and is highly recommended. There have been more ads lately as well. Cashout at 0.00015 BTC!

BTCClicks - Best PTC website that pays in Bitcoins. If you upgrade you get more. Referrals available to rent. Cashout at 0.0001 BTC

EarnFreeBitcoins - Surf websites and earn bitcoins.Cash out is paid automatically at 0.000055 BTC. - Paid to click, paid to watch videos, complete offers and a paid chat room.

BitcoinBlizzard - Bitcoin based traffic exchange. Earn credits by surfing, use credits to advertise the bitcoin related websites. A downline builder will also help you grow your referrals with different sites. It's also a great way to earn bitcoins as well, because many bitcoin faucets are in the traffic exchange.

MyBitcoinRewards - Click ads to gain entries to the bitcoin pool and win bitcoins. For $5 worth of bitcoin you can have your own ad that you can change it whenever you want without admin approval.

CoinURL - Shorten your links and start making bitcoins.

CEX.IO - Bitcoin Commodity Exchange. Mine bitcoins by hashing in the cloud. You can trade hashes on their market, or let them mine bitcoin for you.

BitBillions- The GBBG Bitcoin Fund is a pooled collection of bitcoins contributed by all participants and deployed in mass for the goal of growth and return. The company is in the launching phase, and it looks like it's going be huge. They have created three websites so far, be sure to visit the earning section. Make sure you secure your position in my matrix so you can be part of this, I usually get 30+ referrals a day. This will give you an automatic downline when it full launches.

Just-Dice - Gambling site with dice that lets you invest your bitcoins. I would imagine a casino would be turning a profit. The minimum that you are allowed to invest is 0.01 BTC. You can withdraw your bitcoin at any time.

777Coin -A modern online casino! Utilizing Bitcoin the currency of the internet, with provably fair games, and the latest browser technology. All the games run right in your browser without the need for any plugins or extra downloads.

BitcoinPyramid - Just like the name says, it's a bitcoin pyramid. No need to register anything except for your bitcoin address. About half of the deposited bitcoins go to random members. New members that do not use referral links become referrals of random members. There are automatic payouts when member's income hits the threshold of 0.021 BTC. This site also offers cheap advertising.

Satoshibones - Gambling site with dice that lets you permanently invest your bitcoins. They are selling stakes that give you 10% of the future profit of the site, the profit will then be paid out monthly. The minimum that you are allowed to invest is 0.001 BTC. My bitcoin address can be found in the list of stakeholders.

Pyramining - Mine bitcoins without buying mining equipment or the electricity. Deposit bitcoins and then the owners use them to purchase more mining equipment. Currently it shows a long break even point, but this will hopefully go down after old accounts are paid off and new technology comes online.

CoinController - Bitcoin chain game, the idea is that you can buy control of a coin. When the next person buys control of the coin, you receive the full amount of your original purchase, as well as an additional bonus. If a coin is not purchased by another player within 24 hours, the purchase is automatically refunded in full, minus a transaction fee.

Gambit - Multiplayer skill based games with bitcoin. It features many classic board games with a bitcoin theme, you can play for free or with a bitcoin wager. This is excellent if you want meet up with a friend to play a game online.

999dice - Best odds ever of a dice game or any casino really. House edge is only 0.1%. The site is very new, but it looks like it has great potential.

SatoshiMines - Game just like minesweeper, but you can bet bitcoin. The more mines you avoid the higher your payout. Just don't get yourself blown up or you will lose your bet, but you can also play for free as well. My secret strategy is to play only one mine at a time, and then only one tile. This way your chances of getting blown up is only one out of twenty-five. Make sure you cash out when ahead!

SatoshiBet - Play Lucky 7 slots, casino war, and roulette. This is probably my favorite site of the three.

SatoshiSquared - Satoshi Squared is a web-based ad platform and auction site. Each square begins at 0.000001 BTC or LTC. Every square has a unique timer duration. Whenever a square is purchased, the timer resets to its maximum and begins counting down. When a square is purchased, the space immediately becomes available for purchase with a doubled price.

BitAds - Ad network that accepts and pays users in bitcoins. They have a bid system set up for their ads. If you do advertise using their system, please try to just match other advertiser's bids, this helps keep prices down.